Sponsorship Success Stories

Our sponsorship program impacts many. Here are a few success stories.

Dr. Sherif Elhosseiny


“My name is Sherif Elhosseiny. I graduated from Ain Shams University in 2015. I matched into Internal medicine at Staten Island University Hospital in New York City. When I first decided to apply for the match, I felt I was not quite familiar with the process and I was looking forward to any kind of support and guidance possible.

EAMA is an exceptional organization that particularly believes in this matter. They were there to guide me all the way. They supported me academically by assigning me an advisor, Dr Ahmed Hamdy Hussein, who guided me throughout the match season. During my preparation for the application, he helped me in many ways such as reviewing my personal statement and giving me advice about which programs I should apply to and the different types of visas needed. During the Interview season, he helped me prepare and gave me tips about how to shine during interviews. He also helped me prepare my Rank Order List!

Moreover, EAMA supported me financially through a non interest loan. I particularly admired this idea as the expenses for the match and interviews are huge and can be really distressing for anyone. I really look forward to be a part of their team and help others the same way they helped me!

Getting into residency is very competitive and hectic. But if you put the effort, achieve the required credentials, and follow the advice of all the physicians who made residency, you will get into the residency you deserve. If you want something, work for it and go get it!”

Another success story and an inspiration for all Residency Match applicants.

Dr Mahmoud Halawa

Dr Mahmoud Halawa, from Benha University, reflects on his experience pursuing a career in the US.

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”. This has been my attitude during premed years as well as medical school. Although, after graduating from Benha University in 2011, things have changed. I want to be an exceptional Pediatrician, I don’t want to succumb to certain behaviors or follow the usual path in Egypt. Starting USMLE was the inevitable next step given the high caliber of education and the best known residency structure. Focusing on the successful stories of preceding colleagues was the fuel to reach my desired destination.

Despite my unsuccessful 2015 match, I did not give up. I pursued the step 3 exam and presented my first poster in the 28th annual meeting of ASPHO. Applying for the 2016 match was a major obstacle after previously spending on the first match. Reading about the EAMA sponsorship program was the emerging light on my clouds. I was interviewed and accepted in the EAMA program and was assigned an academic advisor to guide me through the match. The EAMA was always standing behind me.

When my dream became reality, I matched with the Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center in New York.  My advice is to always believe in you and never quit.  You are going to make it whatever it takes. Never fear from failure, sometimes it is the first step to your victory.

EAMA is an exceptional organization that lives up to its mission and marching steadily in its vision. It would be a great honor to join such a stellar team in the future through offering help and support to incoming applicants.”