On August 14, 2015, an agreement was signed between Ma’an, represented by Mr. Mohamed Sobhy, Chairman, and the Egyptian American Medical Association (EAMA), represented by Dr. Tarek Alshafie, President. The agreement states that EAMA will participate in the building of a hospital of high standards in the new development for the people who live in the under-served areas. EAMA will represent the Egyptian American community by helping to raise the funds needed to build and provide state of the art care for the hospital which will include clinical programs with advanced care for cardiovascular, spine, neurosurgery, intensive care and pain management. They will also create and initiate programs such as policy and procedure, infectious control, quality assurance, and continuous medical education. EAMA will commit to having continuous visits from the United States to the hospital. We hope to serve as an example in providing the best care possible for the people who suffer the most.